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Appeal Application

  1. county seal 2018
  2. Appeal Application
    Application to the Caroline County Board of Equalization for the 2020 General Reassessment of Real Estate.
  3. Telephone #: (804)633-3493
  4. Property Owner
  5. Property Owner. An Agent or Representative appearing on behalf of the property owner: A signed letter of authorization by property owner must be submitted along with application for review.
  6. Please provide your mailing address.
  7. Must match your mailing address.
  8. Must match your mailing address.
  9. Must match your mailing address
  10. Best number to reach you.
  11. Please provide the property address for the parcel you are appealing.
  12. Please provide the Parcel Number. This can be found on your reassessment notice.
  13. Reason for Appeal:*
  14. List comparable or similar properties for Board to review.
  15. List comparable or similar properties for Board to review.
  16. Please select files to attach to your appeal if needed.
  17. Optionally provide additional reasons for your appeal.
  18. Staff Name if filled out from telephone.
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