What services do you provide?

- License Plates: Specialized and personalized plate orders, including the issuance of motorcycle, permanent trailer, truck, taxicab and local government use plates.
- Permits and Placards: Trip permits and overload permits. Original issue of handicapped parking placards.
- Return Checks: Full payment of return check fees.
- Transcript Requests: Driver transcripts and vehicle transcripts (helpful for those who apply for job where a driver’s transcript is needed initially, submitted periodically or checked by their employer).
- Vehicle Titles and Registrations: Original (with or without liens), substitute and replacement titles and title maintenance (to change information on title records, adding/removing of names). Original registrations, renewals (including fleets), transfers, re-issues, and plate surrenders.
- Voter Registration Applications

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1. How often is a reassessment conducted and why is it conducted?
2. When is the next general reassessment?
3. Does the new reassessment mean my taxes are going up?
4. Why was an outside firm hired to perform the reassessment?
5. How did the assessor arrive at my value?
6. Does the location of my property affect value (i.e. River frontage, road frontage, view, etc.)?
7. How can my property increase in value when I have not bought, sold, or done any major repairs or additions to it?
8. How can my land value increase at a faster rate than my house?
9. Why is my 3 acre tract valued at a higher rate per acre than my neighbor who has 50 acres?
10. What is a home site and how is it valued?
11. I live in a mobile home, what is the “Improvement Value” that I am taxed for?
12. How can you tax an outbuilding that has no electricity and is not livable?
13. How can I be taxed for a house that is not complete?
14. What will the new levy/millage/tax rate be?
15. How do I figure my taxes using the tax rate and assessment?
16. What are the current Real Estate Tax Rates?
17. For what reasons would I make an appointment with the assessors?
18. I just had my property appraised, will that help me in the hearings process?
19. Is it worth my time to make an appointment to talk with the assessors?
20. What are my other options to appeal?
21. If I no longer own this property, what should I do with the notice?
22. When does the new reassessment go into effect?
23. If my taxes are paid through my mortgage escrow, do I have to do anything with this new assessment?
24. Can I obtain a copy of my real estate assessment card?
25. Is it possible to view my neighbor's assessment?
26. I am over 65, retired, on disability, or on a fixed income; can I get a tax break?
27. Are you a full service Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location?
28. Is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Select located at the Treasurer’s Office or the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office?
29. What services do you provide?
30. What are the hours of operation for Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?