When is the next general reassessment?

The last general reassessment was conducted during 2015 and became effective January 1, 2016.  The next one will be conducted during 2020 to become effective January 1, 2021 in accordance with current county code.

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1. How are the assessments on each parcel determined?
2. Why can't we change the value of a property when requested by the taxpayer?
3. When is the next general reassessment?
4. What is the process for challenging an assessment made during reassessment?
5. Who sets the real estate tax rate?
6. When is my real estate tax payment due?
7. Is there a penalty for paying my real estate tax late?
8. Why can't you change my name on the tax bill since I got married last year?
9. Why is the former owner's name on my tax bill when I have a deed showing that I own the property?