Are payment plans offered in Caroline County?
Yes, we do offer prepayment plans for your real estate and personal property bills. The prepayment option allows you to make tax payments weekly, monthly or quarterly. Prepayment plans help citizens spread out the cost of their taxes by allowing them to prepay all or part of their bill before the June 5 and December 5 deadlines. Prepayment plans can be paid online or with a check or money order.

To pay with check or money order, print out the prepayment voucher and mail it with payment to:
The Treasurer’s Office
P.O. Box 431
Bowling Green, VA 22427

Taxes from previous years must be paid in full in order for a prepayment plan to be established. Payments are applied to the oldest bill 1st. Please note, prepayment vouchers are not for delinquent tax bills. To discuss payment plans for delinquent accounts, please contact our Compliance Department at 804-633-5045.

Easily pay your bill online.

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