Who are the members of the Planning Commission?
The Planning Commission consists of Caroline County residents (presently 5) appointed by the Board of Supervisors (BOS). Each member is also a resident of the election district of the Board member who appoints him. At least 0.5 of the members appointed shall be owners of real property.

The Planning Commission is empowered by Section 15.2-2160 - 2307 of the State Code of Virginia to:
- Appoint subcommittees and/or advisory committees
- Approve subdivision plats
- Authorize the development of studies and surveys for the preparation of a comprehensive plan
- Exercise general supervision of, and make regulations for, the administration of its affairs
- Review the adopted comprehensive plan every 5 years
- Review and recommend adoption of subdivision, zoning, Chesapeake Bay and other land development regulations and policies
- Review and submit an annual capital improvement plan to the BOS

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1. What is the Planning Commission?
2. Who are the members of the Planning Commission?
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