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V-01-2023 – Milford Terminal Company, LLC, Owner/Applicant

V-01-2023 – Milford Terminal Company, LLC, Owner/Applicant:  Request a variance on tax map #56-A-13A, consisting of 13.69 acres, more or less, zoned M-1, Industrial. This property is located at 16014 Industrial Drive, Milford, Virginia, Mattaponi Voting District.  Proposed Variance:  A variance to Article XII, Lot Area & Other Dimensional Requirements within Districts, Paragraph (e), to allow a 25’ encroachment into the required side setback of 40’.  Purpose:  To allow the installation of an accessory structure (solar array) in a side yard to a setback of 15’ from the side property line.


AA-01-2023 – Vickstrom, Douglas & Sharon, Owner/Applicant

AA-01-2023 – Vickstrom, Douglas & Sharon, Owner/Applicant: Requests an Administrative Appeal of a Notice of Violation for operating a Special Events Facility without a special exception permit, as required by Article IV, Section 5.23, and Article XVII, Section 3  of the Caroline County Zoning Ordinance.  The property is identified as tax map 64-A-29A, with a total acreage of 5.4 acres, more or less, zoned RP, Rural Preservation and is located at 21560 Anderson Mill Road, Beaverdam, Virginia, Western Caroline Voting District.


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