Board of Equalization

The Board of Assessors oversees property reassessments. Every 5 years, a general reassessment is conducted in accordance with Section 58.1-3252 of the Code of Virginia.  The Board of Supervisors contracts an appraisal company to reassess every parcel at its fair market value, which is based upon a sales study completed by the appraisal company.  These assessments are effective for 5 years unless a change is made such as boundary adjustments, division of property, change in zoning, court orders or new construction.  When the reassessing of each parcel has been completed, the Board of Assessors holds hearings for citizens that may take issue with their new reassessed values.  At the completion of their hearings, a Board of Equalization is established to review any complaints.  The Board of Equalization holds hearings to equalize property values as a result of any changes made or suggested for a citizen.  Once the Board of Equalization has completed its duties, the only option is to petition the Circuit Court in accordance with Section 58.1-3984 of the Code of VirginiaThe Board’s primary and foremost concern is the equalization of real estate assessments to ensure that the real estate tax is borne equally by all citizens of Caroline County. The Board of Equalization does not determine the initial property assessment nor does it set the tax rate.  


The Board of Equalization is a 6-member citizen panel nominated by the Board of Supervisors and approved by the Judge of the Circuit Court each general reassessment year and require training by the Virginia Department of Taxation before sitting on the Board.