Recreation Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Committee

  • To make recommendations to the department on programs
  • To investigate and determine the needs and interests of the community for recreational facilities and programs, recommending recreational programs to meet these needs
  • To update recommendations as necessary, remaining consistent with the current Caroline County Comprehensive Plan
  • To work with the department to recommend the acquisition and development of an adequate system of parks, facilities and recreation programs

Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to two year terms
The Committee meets on the first Thursday of even months at 7:00PM at the Caroline County Community Services Center in Room #1 of the EOC.

Members of the Recreation Advisory Committee

Position District
Whitney Watts
Chair Bowling Green
Michael Wallace   Madison
Mary Boone
Charles Garnett
  Port Royal
Cathy LaRocco   Western Caroline
Jamie Schumann   Reedy Church
Reyann Bowden   At-Large Member
Darlene Tillman
  At-Large Member
Clay Forehand
Secretary Board of Supervisors Rep.
Paul Heizer   School Rep
Vacant   Student Rep
  1. Physical Address
    17202 Richmond Turnpike
    Milford, VA 22514

    Fax: 804-633-4136