Public Hearings

June 24, 2021

The Caroline County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Services Center Auditorium, located at 17202 Richmond Turnpike, Milford, Virginia, to consider the following requests: 

CPA-01-2021: An Ordinance to Amend the Comprehensive Plan of Caroline County by Amending Chapter 8, Land Use, specifically to establish a Commercial and Industrial Growth Area containing 116.7 acres of land (Tax Map 15-A-5) on the south side of Route 606 (Stonewall Jackson Road) abutting the Spotsylvania County Line. - Deferred

RZ-03-2021 – Besachio, Leanne; Davis, Kelly; Davis, Jr William; Holloway, Robert; Holloway, Mary; Davis, Gregory; Davis, John; Ward, Mary; Cannon, Thomas, Owners/ TFO Wellesley Joint Venture, LLC, Applicant: Request a Rezoning from RP, Rural Preservation (density of one dwelling unit per 10 acres of land) to M-1 Industrial (no specified density), on Tax Map 15-A-5, consisting of 116.7 acres, more or less. This property is located at 8476 Stonewall Jackson Road (Route 606 at the Caroline/Spotsylvania County Line), Port Royal Voting District. Proposed Use: Industrial. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan designates this area as Agricultural Preservation.  - Deferred

SPEX-02-2021 – Caroline Development, LLC, Owner/ Hidden Farm Estate, LLC, Applicant: Request a Special Exception Permit in accordance with Article XVII, Section 13 (Standards for Special Use Permits) and Article XVII, Section 12 (Development Standards Waiver Requirements in the Residential District subject to Special Exception Approval) of the Caroline County Zoning Ordinance on tax map #52-A-34; 52C-1-13, 52C-1-14; 52C-1-15, 52C-1-16; 52C-1-17; 52C-1- 18; 52C-1-19; 52C-1-20; 52C-1-21; 52C-1-22; 52C-1-23; 52C-1-24; 52C-1-25; 52C-1-26; 52C-1- E-21; 52C-1-E-22 and 52C-1-E-23, consisting of 64.17 acres in total, , more or less. The properties are zoned R-1, Low Density Residential. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan designates this property as being within the Ladysmith Community Plan as Low Density Residential with a density of 1-4 dwelling units per acre. Proposed Use: To reduce the minimum lot size from 15,000 square feet (S.F.) to 6,600 S.F. and permit an increase in the permitted number of building lots from 112 to 187 (no increase in density). 

Any persons desiring to be heard in favor of or in opposition to the above are hereby invited to be present at the Public Hearing. Copies of the above applications are on file in the Department of Planning & Community Development, 233 West Broaddus Avenue, Bowling Green, Virginia 22427. 

Michael A. Finchum Director of Planning & Community Development