Jefferson Davis Highway
12.96 Acres
Location: Jefferson Davis Highway
Water Service Provider: Caroline County
Suitable for Construction: 12.96 Acres
Public Water: No
Site Sub-dividable: Yes
Distance from Site:
Largest Contiguous Parcel: 12.96 Acres
Line Size: 16 Inches
Zoning: B-1
Wells on Site: No
Structures: None
Well Capacity: N/A
Industrial Park: No
Treatment Facility: Caroline County Utilities
Range of Site Sizes: Varies
Treatment Capacity: 1,300,000 gpd
Comprehensive Plan: Commercial/Industrial
Available Treatment Capacity: 770,000 gpd
Ground Cover: 12.96 Acres Wooded/Level
Current Storage: 960,000 gpd
Environmental Audit: No
Available Capacity to Site: 770,000 gpd
Watershed Survey: No
Pressure at Hydrant, Static: +-51 psi, residual +- 50 psi
Soil Borings: No
Surface Water on Site: No
100 Year Flood Plain:
Source of Surface Water:
  Waste Water Treatment Provider: Caroline County
 Electric Power: Rappahannock Electric Co-Op
Public Sewer: No
 Distance to Distribution Line: 0
Sewer Distance from Site:
 Voltage of Distribution Line: 3 Phase, 7,200/12,500KV
Line Size:  10 Inches
 Natural Gas Supplier: Columbia Gas Supplier
Septic System Practical: Yes
 Gas on Site: No
Treatment Facility: Caroline County Waste Water Treatment
 Distance from Site: 4 Miles
Total Treatment Capacity:  1,500,000 gpd
 Line Size: 24 inches
Available Treatment Capacity: 1,500,000 gpd
 Pressure: High
Available Capacity to Site: 1,000,000 gpd
  Receiving Stream:
Telecommunications Supplier: Verizon
Digital Switching:  Yes
Rail Road Services:No
Fiber Optics on Site: No
Name of Service: N/A
Distance from Fiber Optic Line:  500 - 1,000 ft.
Distance from Site:
ISDN Available: Yes
Can Rail Siding be Installed: No
Other Features:
Highway Distance to Nearest Interchange: 2 Miles
  Interstate Name: I-95
Distance to Nearest Commercial Airport: 35 Miles
Richmond International

Name of Interchange: Carmel Church, Exit 104
Distance to Nearest General Aviation Airport: 18 Miles
Hanover Airport (4,660 ft)

Distance to Nearest 4 Lane Arterial: 0 Miles
Dulles International: 60 Miles
Name of Arterial: Route 1
Reagan Washington National: 65 Miles
Highway Serving Site:
  Site Served by Public Transportation: No
   Industrial Access Road Needed: No
  Ownership: Hugh Jones
Contact: Rick Dudley
Phone: 804.336.5452