Medical Facilities

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy - Ladysmith

18121 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 1, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
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Ashland Family Dentistry

Dr. Brian Spears, DDS
17488 Center Drive, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
804.448.1102 - Call to make an appointment.
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Belmont Dental at Ruther Glen

11073 Colonel Armistead Drive, Suite 107, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
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Bowling Green Health & Rehabilitation Center

Ashley LaPorte
120 Anderson Avenue, Bowling Green, VA  22427
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Caroline Children's Dental Program

Dr. Elizabeth Barrett
17202 Richmond Turnpike, Milford, VA  22514 (Located within the Health Department Building)
804.633.5465, Extension 214
Hours of Operation Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Dental care for children from age 1 to 19 years.  Medicaid, FAMIS, private insurance, and children with no insurance accepted.  A sliding fee scale based on income is available for children with no insurance.
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Caroline Chiropractic

Dr. Ryan McDonnel
17470 Center Drive, Suite 4C, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
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Caroline Christian Health Center

Dr. Daniel Trementozzi
8051 Prosperity Way, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
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Caroline Family Practice

102 West Broaddus Avenue, Bowling Green, VA  22427
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Grace Health Services LLC

Comprehensive Mental Healthcare
Dr. Collette Ngante
5322 Ladysmith Road, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
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HCC Personal Care, Inc.

Home Health Care
5322 Ladysmith Road, Suite A, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
804.448.8094 - phone  -  804.448.8096 - fax
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Ladysmith Dental Center

Basiony Hagar, DDS
18121 Jefferson Davis Highway, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
**ALL PPO insurances and Medicaid and Smiles for Children ACCEPTED
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Mary Washington Medical Group Family & Pediatrics

8051 Prosperity Way, Suite 100, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
804.448.0198 - Call for an appointment.
Dr. Guiguis, Schulte, and Tementozzi
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PACS Urgent Care

11073 Colonel Armistead Drive, Suite 105, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
Open 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
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Select Physical Therapy

121 Courthouse Lane, Bowling Green, VA  22427
804.633.1232 - phone - 804.633.6032 - fax
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UrgentCare Travel

23458 Cool Water Drive, Ruther Glen, VA  22546
804.803.6887 - phone - 804.621.2249 - Fax
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Usana Health Sciences

Eunice Key

Virginia Primary Care Associates

Dr. Antonio Valdes-Dapena, Dr. Stephen Mandell, Mary Nichols, NP, Dr. Daniel W. Woodford, & Carole Spicer, PA
121 Courthouse Lane, Bowling Green, VA  22427
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