Animal Control

Animal Control Office
The Animal Control Office is responsible for the enforcement of laws that protect animals and the safety and rights of their owners and the public. Additional activities include:
  • Adoption of unwanted animals to new homes
  • Care of impounded animals
  • Coordination of information for lost and found animals
  • Follow-up of suspected rabies cases
  • Operation of the Animal Shelter on Devils Three Jump Road
  • Quarantine of biting animals
  • Responding to citizen compliance
Also, stray animals are impounded and animal and livestock deaths due to animal attacks are investigated. The Code of Virginia requires that no animal can be destroyed within 5 days of its capture, unless injured. Animal Control personnel work closely with the Caroline County Humane Society in trying to find a home for animals that are unwanted and are temporarily housed at the Animal Shelter.

The Animal Control Office is staffed by 2 full-time employees, the County animal Control Officer and his/her Assistant, and part-time employees who manage the County Shelter and feed and care for the animals housed there. Revenues are generated by fees charged for the boarding of animals and other fees charged for the transportation and care of animals that come under the Department's charge. In addition, some fines and cost reimbursements are received through the courts for legal violations.