Public Works

The Caroline County Department of Public Works provides a variety of services to assure that residents of, visitors to, and those who work in Caroline County, are provided an enjoyable and safe quality of life. The Public Works Department currently provides the following services:

Solid Waste Disposal & Collection, & Recycling

Caroline County curtailed the operation of its landfill, and closed the facility. Municipal Solid Waste collected from the County’s Solid Waste Convenience Sites, which are strategically located throughout the County to permit easy access for all residents to dispose of wastes, will be disposed of at the BFI Landfill in Henrico County. All sites have recycling bins and the County encourages recycling by all residents and started aggressive recycling and litter control programs in January of 2001.

County Facilities Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains all County facilities and properties, including Park maintenance and field maintenance for the County’s Recreational Program. The Public Works Department also constructs new parks and recreational facilities under the County’s Mini Park Program.

Facilities Planning, Design & Construction

The Public Works Department plans for and coordinates all facility design and construction. These services include in-house design and construction of small projects and construction management of larger projects. 


The Public Works Department works closely with the Departments of Planning and Community Development and Economic Development to assure that development in the County occurs in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan, and to the benefit of the County.