Planning Department

The Planning Department serves as the technical staff to the Board of Supervisors, Board of Zoning Appeals and the Planning Commission and assists these bodies in establishing and implementing land use and development policies for the County.  Staff assist developers and other members of the public in understanding and complying with the County's land use and development policies.  They review development proposals and applications for consistency with adopted County plans and policies and develop recommendations for action by approving authorities.  They will conduct public outreach efforts when appropriate to obtain public input on development proposals.   The County's Comprehensive Plan is updated and maintained in this office in compliance with State law and planning studies of specific areas of the County or particular planning issues are prepared where necessary or directed by the Board of Supervisors.  Department staff also assist the County's economic development effort in a variety of ways to attract and appropriately site prospective businesses in conformance with County plans.

Funding for the Department comes from a combination of County General Revenues, grants for specific program activities and fees charged for development application and review services.

The Comprehensive Plan 2030 is now available for review. The plan contains 10 chapters, which, together with other documents, will guide growth and development in the County over the next 20 years. Each of these components acknowledges development, while creating an attractive living environment for residents and retaining the unique features of the County.