Finance Department

This office, comprised of the Director of Finance and Purchasing and three other staff members is responsible for the overall financial management and planning for the County.  Staff supports the County Administrator in preparation of the County's annual budget and other financial plans and prepares the necessary documents for presentation. 

The County's accounting system and records are maintained by this office and activity throughout the fiscal year is monitored for compliance with the budget and financial operating policies approved by the Board of Supervisors.  Financial Status and operating reports are prepared for County management, the Board of Supervisors, the public and intergovernmental entities as needed. Staff coordinates with and assists independent auditors to complete needed audits of the County's books, records and accounts.

This office prepares the County's employee payroll, pays related benefit costs and maintains detailed payroll records on each individual employed by the County.  All payments to outside sources for goods and services provided or for claims against the County are prepared by this office and checked for compliance with budget, purchasing and other financial control policies. Detailed records supporting such payments are also maintained.  The County's system of internal financial controls is maintained by the staff of this office.  The County's risk management program is also handled here.

The Director and staff provide advice, assistance and support to County management and the Board on questions or issues related to financial management, financial controls or policy.  They support and assist the County's economic development efforts and develop long range plans for maintaining the County's fiscal health and the financing for the services it provides.

Springsted Classification and Compensation Study for County Employees