Technology Incentives

TechZoneLogo CommunityCaroline County, Virginia has enacted a Technology Zone Ordinance that allows the County to aggressively rebate various taxes to qualified Technology Based Businesses.

Technology Zone

All of Caroline County is a Technology Zone including any property your company may be interested in. Caroline County is the 1st community in Virginia to designate its entire area as a Technology Zone. Caroline's Technology Zone is an overlay of all land use zoning and does not affect those land use designations. Your company will be assured that whatever site you choose, if the land use rezoning is possible, you will automatically be in a qualified site for Technology Zone incentives. Caroline is serious about recruiting your technology industry to our county.

Caroline is actively seeking technology based firms and will work assertively to make their recruitment process an excellent one.


If your are interested in knowing more, please email the Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Gary Wilson, or call 804-633-4074.