Child Day Care Financing Program

Though the Child Day Care Financing Program, Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA), provides low-interest installment loans to "regulated" Providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A regulated Family Home Provider must be:
  1. Approved through a local Department of Social Services
  2. Licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS)
  3. Part of a Licensed Family Day Care System
  4. Participating in the USDA Food Program.
  5. Registered through the Voluntary Registration Program
Center Based Requirements
A regulated Center-Based Provider may be licensed by the DSS; or filed as "religious-exempt" with the DSS. Both for-profit and non-profit entities are eligible to apply. Start-ups are also eligible to apply.

Purpose of the Loan
Loan proceeds can be used to meet or maintain childcare standards, including health, safety or fire codes, or to make quality enhancements to their child care program. Loans may also be used for certain start-up costs; however, loans for building construction, working capital or to refinance or consolidate existing debt are not eligible for this program. Some examples of eligible loan uses include equipment purchases for infant care, playground equipment and fencing, or renovation and repairs to plumbing and electrical systems, kitchens and bathrooms.