Tips for Testifying

Tell the Truth
The 1st and only rule of testifying is to tell the truth.

Have dates, times, places and other details clear in your mind. Photos and/or medical records pertinent to your case need to be brought to court. It is extremely important that you write down the details of the crime as soon as possible so you refer to them before testifying. You will be able to refer to these notes while on the witness stand.

Your testimony should concentrate on specific details of the incident in question. The details are extremely vital. You must tell where, when, and how the crime was committed. You should also describe the nature and extent of the injuries sustained and whether a weapon was used. Again, do not include details which are not relevant to the case.

Your attire should be courtroom appropriate-clean and conservative. Dress the way you would to go to Sunday School or Church. Dresses/Suits for the females, khakis, and a dress shirt or a suit for the males is very appropriate. No jeans or shorts!


  • Be prepared to wait. Our courts are busy and handle many cases every day.
  • Look at the judge during your testimony. He/she or they (if jury) will be making the decisions in your case. If you hear “Objection”, stop speaking until the judge makes a decision and someone asks you to speak again.
  • Speak loudly, clearly and be concise. Do not use jargon or clichés. Answers only those questions you are asked; do not volunteer extra information not relevant to the question asked.