Dates to Remember


The following dates are from the Commissioner of Revenue's Office Mark Bissoon, Commissioner:
  • November 1 - Land Use Program, New applications and/or re-validation forms for the land use program must be filed with Commissioner. If you have questions concerning this program call Erica Southworth, 804-633-9834 or Angie Cecil, 804-633-9835.
  • February 1 - Personal Property Tax Form, All individual and business personal property forms must be received or postmarked no later than February 1 of each year to avoid a 10% penalty. If you have questions concerning individual personal property taxes call or email David Watson 804-633-1086.
  • March 1 - Elderly and Handicapped Real Estate Tax Relief Program, All residing homeowners in Caroline County that are 65 years old or homeowners that are totally disabled, may be able to take advantage of a reduction of real estate taxes based on income and net worth. This program is a very valuable one to the community in assisting senior citizens and the disabled. Applications must be filed annually before March 1. Assistance will be available during the month of February in order to file an application. If you have questions concerning this program call Erica Southworth 804-633-9834.
  • March 1 - Caroline County Business License Renewal, All businesses required to file a gross receipts tax in order to do business in Caroline must file with the Commissioner by March 1 annually. A penalty of 10% will be applied after this date. For all questions concerning doing business in Caroline call Cindy Cooper at 804-633-8042.

More Information

Questions that you want to address to the Commissioner by phone, mail, or email are always welcome.
PO Box 819
Bowling Green, VA. 22427
Phone: 804-633-4496