Broadband in Caroline County

Update on Broadband Expansion in Caroline County


Making reliable high speed internet service (broadband) available to every home and business in Caroline County remains a top priority for the Board of Supervisors. A project is underway in partnership with Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) to offer broadband service to approximately 482 homes along portions of Ladysmith Road, Balty Road, Penola Road and Route 17 east and west of the Town of Port Royal. This project is the result of a successful FY 2021 Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) grant application that included a Caroline County contribution of up to $614,400.


The project is expected to be completed by December 31, 2022, barring any unforeseen delays due to ongoing supply chain issues.


The County submitted a second VATI grant application in September 2021 (FY 2022) to provide universal broadband coverage in Caroline with the exception of approximately 390 homes west of I-95 near the Spotsylvania County border. These 390 homes were excluded because the internet service provider (Comcast) was unable to provide the required technical information by the September 2021 deadline for the VATI grant application. The Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development informed the County in December 2021 that its FY 2022 VATI grant application was unsuccessful, citing the lack of universal coverage as the reason for the denial.


In response, the County has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for internet service providers to provide broadband access in all areas of the County that currently lack service, specifically including the remaining 390 homes west of I-95. This will enable Caroline to resubmit what we hope will be a successful VATI grant application in September 2022 and remove all obstacles to achieving universal coverage. As previously stated, providing broadband service to all Caroline County homes and businesses remains a top priority for the Board of Supervisors.