Teen Improv

Improvisation, or Improv, is a form of live theater in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene, or story are made up in the moment.  Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience, or draw on some other source of inspiration to get started.  For budding actors, improv is the ultimate teaching tool.  Acting is all about reacting, responding naturally to what has been said or done onstage, and because acting is all about reacting nothing will build acting skills better than improv.

Participants will learn the core fundamentals and principles of improv, focusing on various games and exercises that encourage trust, communication, active listening, character building, making a scene, and working as a group.

This Fall, participants will work towards a November Improv Games performance.  Each class will build on Improv fundamentals and prepare the students for a final performance.  Improve shows are very audience interactive, family friendly, not scripted and a great community event.

Ages: 12 - 18

Days: Wednesdays (12 weeks)

Begins: September 11, 2019

Cost: $20.00 per person/Deductions in $5 increments for every sibling enrolled.

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Registration Deadline: 2 weeks prior to session

Class limited to only 25 students

Register online