Special Exceptions and Rezonings

Rezoning Case #RZ-06-2018, SPEX-12-2018, SPEX-13-2018 and SPEX 14-2018: Marshall Automotive, Applicant:

Tax map 83-A-10, 5.8 acres +/-.  The building is located at 23553 Rogers Clark Boulevard (Route 207) across from the Belmont subdivision (formerly Boone's Antiques), Mattaponi Voting District.

The applicant is requesting to rezone the property from Rural Preservation to M-1 Industrial with accompanying special exception permits to allow Used Auto Sales, Motor Vehicle Major Repair Service, and for Motor Vehicle Body & Painting.

Rezoning Case #RZ-07-2018, Cool Water Development, LLC, Applicant:

Tax map 82-A-131, 24.7 +/- acres.  The property is located at the northeast quadrant of Carmel Church Loop & Cool Water Drive, adjacent to the existing Belmont West Subdivision, Mattaponi Voting District.

The applicant has filed a rezoning request for Belmont West, Section 1-C to modify the existing proffers to permit construction of 264 multi-family units under the VHDA Low-Income Hosing Tax Credit program.  The applicant is also requesting to rezone the portions of the property zoned Business and Rural Preservation to Planned Residential Development.

The property was rezoned (RZ-04-2003) in 2004 to Planned Residential Development and Business to allow for 324 multi-family units (62 units have been constructed to date).