FRED Buses become even 'Fred-lier' Jan. 19

By Ed Simmons, Jr.

The two FRED Buses that ply the byways of Caroline are becoming even more passenger-friendly, increasing their service starting January 19 with more time traveling the roads in the county.

FREDericksburg Regional Transit planning manager Arnold Levine said that moving the end of the line from FRED Central south to Lee Hill in Spotsylvania gives the two buses more time to circulate in Caroline.

The Caroline Board of Supervisors approved the changes in October.

Route C1 will now loop twice in Bowling Green. These "mini-loops" will include the Post Office, Food Lion, Rite-Aid, County Administrative Offices, and Town Hall. The bus then goes to Carmel Church, then to Ladysmith, and instead of heading back to Bowling Green, follows Route 1 north to Lee's Hill Center where commercial and medical services are available, and at Cosner's Corner.

Lee’s Hill Center is a transfer point for FRED where C1 passengers can transfer five times per day to the F2 and F3 Fredericksburg lines and to the S1 and S2 Spotsylvania lines. C1 passengers can also transfer to the F4 line at River Club Shopping Center on Tidewater Trail.

Caroline's second line, Route C2, will now serve Port Royal two days a week instead of just once, while also serving Dawn.

Dawn will have service back and forth to Bowling Green four times each Tuesday and Thursday, while Port Royal will have three round trips.

Passengers on the C2 can transfer to the C1 line at the Community Service Center for travel to other points in Caroline County, Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg.

Levine said he welcomes citizen comments on improving the service. He can be emailed at .

Passengers with questions about the schedule, times and stops can call 540-372-1222 and press 0.

Schedules are available at Caroline libraries, the Department of Social Service, and online at